About: Research for real-world application

This research project recognises an urgent need around the world for embedding sustainable design principles within transport planning practice. Therefore, the ultimate vision for this research program is to generate a typology of urban and transport spatial form that, together with a practical assessment methodology, gives city planners additional tools for making informed sustainability decisions. As such, criteria for our model include:

  • Informed, rigorous and accurate modelling of sustainability and liveability parameters
  • Results to be presented with a focus on: ease of use, prompt generation, wide-ranging options for data representation and result comparison. Thus, the outputs are clear and intuitive┬áto the public and can be used to inform future decisions.
  • Versatile model to allow for variations in city data, transport systems, goals and benchmarks such that the measures are comparable across nations and cities of differing developmental, economic, environmental, social contexts.

This project is hosted by

The University of New South Wales Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) rCITI_logo